Keyboard shortcuts

There are numerous keyboard shortcuts available in Boats Animator; here is a comprehensive list of all of them.

Note for macOS users:

The Command key should be used in place of any shortcuts listed with Ctrl in them.

Action Primary Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3
Main shortcuts
Capture frame Ctrl 1 Enter
Undo last frame Ctrl Z Delete Backspace *
Toggle audio Ctrl M
Play / pause playback Space 0
Toggle playback looping 8
Live view L 3
Display first frame Ctrl Left
Display last frame Ctrl Right
Display previous frame Left 1
Display next frame Right 2
Confirm prompts
Select confirm button Enter
Cancel confirm prompt Esc /

Shortcuts on a number keypad

Boats Animator's shortcuts have been chosen so that the most common can be accessed using a number keypad:

Keypad shortcuts